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Have you ever heard of pixel art? Even if not, and you want to learn something, you can look through the essay writing service reviews and order the best essay on this topic. Apart from this, you have surely seen the pexel art many times. Pixel art is considered to be a form of digital art and the thing is to construct a picture out of small colored units. That exactly the same technique you use to create counted-thread embroidery, beadwork and mosaic. Pixel art has become very popular not only in digital area (do you remember those old mobile phones? Nintendo? Minecraft?) but among thousands of retro enthusiasts to mimic the style of the past. Lots of pixel-printed t-shirts, necklaces, pins, handbags and so on can be seen on the streets. But what about some functional designs?

Searching for something interesting to write on ceramic artists and their work, I’ve stumbled upon very odd examples of ceramic works. Bright pixel vases of weird forms and absolutely uncertain origin, which looked like one of those fun toys that imprint your face or hand. But these unique ceramic works of art of art are far more sophisticated.

Pixel-machine1-360x360Julian F. Bond, London based designer working with ceramics, developed innovative “Pixel Casting” device. The machine is made up of over 1300 plaster sticks that are moving inward and outward, which makes the number of shapes of a ceramic art work is just endless. When the design is ready, you can start working with ceramics, which means clay slip can be poured into the mould.

What makes this ceramic art work even more authentic is that it is only glazed on the interior. Bare porcelain left outside emphasizes the lines and shapes of the item telling the story of the invention.

Julian Bond created hundreds of ceramic works of art including outstanding projects like Hexagonal Light (beautiful crystal like pending lamps) or Olmec Light Series (soft flexible rubber lights of unique shapes). All those was made with his innovative device. What is more, the of using Bond’s Pixel Casting Machine allow consumers to become involved in the creative yet very accurate process of art making.

Ceramic artists and their work become more and more resourceful and sophisticated ‘players’ in art field. They do not hesitate to experiment with forms and shapes, hues and tones. I believe all these will help ceramics art invade top positions in modern art process.

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