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Among several London ceramic galleries, Contemporary Ceramics Centre has its own place in modern pottery market. This ceramic art gallery became one of the most popular in its niche, featuring the best pottery artists of the Craft Potters Association. Favourable location opposite the British Museum makes gallery an easy to find place. Besides, it’s both a shop and an education centre. A lot of one and only original works of art like plates, vases, pots of unusual shapes and texture can be purchased by visitors. Average prices start from £50 to £4000. There is also a large choice of books and writing publications including the international magazine Ceramic Review.

The staff is extremely friendly and will help you to choose something interesting for a gift or for personal delight.

Contemporary ceramics gallery has a various and rich annual exhibition programme. Many famous potters had presented their collections dedicated to a particular theme. Such extraordinary artists as Walter Keeler, Rafael Perez, Peter Beard and Tony Laverick worked with ceramics gallery. Past exhibitions like «Use of Iron», «Fired Alchemy», «Cooper’s Legacy», «Blooming» can be inspirational both for ‘clay masters’ and visitors.

The best thing is that you can touch all the pottery goods, feel the texture of every single masterpiece and, what is more, understand how meticulous and fragile are those pieces.

The interior of the Contemporary Ceramics Gallery looks pretty cosy: wooden floor, a wide-open and spacey room lined with white shelves of exhibiting amazing pottery pieces and little cards that give information and history of the artists of their works. Moreover, a series of talks were planned to coincide with exhibitions when it will be possible to meet the makers and ask them some questions about their works.

The current ceramics gallery exhibition is called Dear Santa and is being held from 26th of November up to 31st of December 2015. It presents a broad selection of ceramic items from outstanding creative minds. If you are looking for some special and imaginative gift the gallery will help you find something authentically beautiful and full of the warmth of human hands. Unlike other ceramic art galleries the Contemporary Ceramics Centre offers something for every person from domestic, calligraphy flecked porcelain, to sculptural masterpieces of art. Due to unique handicraft, Contemporary Ceramics Centre is one of the most interesting ceramic galleries in London displaying a vast number of pottery goods of various styles and forms.

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