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Ornament and ceramic designs – Felicity Jones

I am really happy to see you on my blog!

My name is Felicity Jones and people say I am a talented observer of ceramic artists and designers who create all the beauty. Nowadays, there is a great number of brilliant and interesting modern ceramic artists and I am going to review their works here, on my blog. Every ceramic artist has his or her own fascinating style and design and it would be a crime not to share those wonderful pieces of Art with my readers.

Creative minds are always outstanding people and the way they think, craft and live is really amazing. That is why I’m going to post series of articles about famous ceramic artists. I hope you will be inspired with not only what but how they do, so I aim to focus both on practical and theoretical peculiarities of contemporary ceramic artists works. You should also know how did famous ceramic artists manage to begin their fascinating career. Who knows, maybe you have some hidden talent to start with?

This is literally impossible to choose the best among a great number of works that have been done by modern ceramic artists. Basically, it is because each one of them has his or her own unique and memorable style. But I promise to be as objective as possible :) I’ve seen thousands of ceramics artists’ masterpieces and attended hundreds of exhibitions during my whole life. Thus, I will provide you only with talented and well-done ornament and ceramic designs.

In addition, I’m going to highlight the most significant and famous international and local art events, which contemporary ceramic artists always participate in.

Together we will be able to observe and to reveal all the ‘secrets’ of famous ceramic artists, the differences between their works, ornaments and designs. On my blog, you will discover how to come up with your own unforgettable style, and how to adopt ceramic artists’ best features.

So you should not miss a chance of reading my blog. If you have some ideas or information about some extraordinary events where modern ceramic artists are going to exhibit their works, feel free to drop me a line. I’m always happy to communicate with any of my followers.