MBA Literature Review Tips

Most of the students start writing mba dissertation writing confident. Mba dissertation examples can be found in the Internet. But when time to write the mba synopsis comes, all confidence vanishes if there is no corresponding experience. What is review of literature and how not to make widespread mistakes at writing synopsis for mba?

The literature review is indispensable part of any research.

It’s like mba final project report.

How to do literature review

On writing of the synopsis of mba project you shouldn’t hurry. It is necessary to start this work responsibly or you will have to direct you write my paper request to the specialists. Well made mba synopsis on a subject allows studying it, without missing anything essential. It is necessary “construction material” for creation of all dissertation.

When writing a mba project report format, students must:

Beginning writing the review of literature, it is necessary to remember that the paradigm develops in a chronological order. Therefore, it is important to point to historical and systematic development of a scientific problem in works of researchers. Analyzing their achievements, try to note not only positive sides. Point out the defects of works of predecessors. Surely briefly depict prospects of further researches in this direction which you describe in practical part in more detail.

How to write the review of literature

The literary review is supplemented and changes during all term of implementation of the dissertation. Work on review of literature helps to define the key moments and not to waste time for “archeology of knowledge“. It is important to realize that when studying literature, you shouldn’t just to summarize material, but also you should to analyze information. Only then you will be able to allow own thoughts to become a basis of new knowledge.

A sample MBA Synopsis may contain following:

1) careful identification, systematization and studying of researches on a subject (the monograph, the defended dissertations, scientific articles, materials of scientific conferences, generalizing works) and their critical evaluation;

2) studying of the latest basic researches and debatable questions;

3) to define divergences in an assessment of authors;

4) not to use well-known concepts.

Before writing the review of literature, it is necessary:

• to get acquainted with material on a subject, to classify it, to select researches in which essential results are achieved;

• to find out what questions on a subject are insufficiently studied;

• to characterize methods and highlights of theoretical and experimental parts of the thesis;

• to describe what has been made on the studied subject;

• to prove need of further researches, pointing that studying of a question was carried out in insufficient volume.

How to define that the synopsis for mba is written correctly?

1) if the synopsis for mba is written not in compliance with an exit of works of authors, but in compliance with proceeding from research problems;

2) if the synopsis for mba is like independent article.

mba synopsis format

mba project synopsis format has to include:

• Introduction in details

• Objective of Study

• Problem Formulation

• Research Tools Applied

• Conclusion and suggestions

• Literature cited

When you are writing mba final projects, don’t hesitate to express gratitude to those whose works you have used. For example, “thanks to researches of such scientist”, “following advice of the author. It is necessary to select the facts objectively. During work on the review of literature it is necessary to collect information from numerous sources of scientific information, to estimate the current tendencies of the decision, degree of study of a subject.

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